Blackstar Artist 15 Combo

The Blackstar Artist 15 is a boutique quality 'pedal platform' amp which brings the sonic magnificence of Blackstar's flagship Artisan range within reach of gigging musicians.

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Product Description


Blackstar Artist 15 Combo

Blackstar are a company that are always looking to improve what they are offering to the world. A few years ago they launched their Artisan line of handwired amps which have been met with critical acclaim as some amazing clean and crunch amps. For those that wanted that sound but with more options you now have the Artist line of amps from Blackstar. All valve versatile amps for the gigging guitarist.

2 Channel Design

Unlike the single channel design used on the Artisan the Artist has 2 channels. One extremely high headroom clean channel that only breaks up when you want it to and a slightly crunchy overdrive sound. Why no high gain mode? Well this amp was designed with the pedal user in mind so both channels are made to be platforms where you can load any type of pedal on top.

That second channel then becomes really handy if you get most of your overdrive from the pedalboard. Just use channel one as your rhythm option and then kick in to a slightly dirtier channel 2 for a bigger sound when you need that sustain for single notes.

Tone Shaping

Blackstar may have started off as a British sounding company but in recent years they have started to spend time jumping between American and British tones. That is why they developed the ISF feature that is in so many of their amplifiers. This one knob lets you adjust the power amp so you can go from a more midrange heavy and barky Brit tone or a darker and warmer American tone instantly. Add in all the options you have on your pedalboard and any tone is a possibility with this amp.

All The Tools You Need

We have all become so used to have so many features in our amps that Blackstar couldn't just make it sound great they also had to make it easy to use live. So the Artist along with its 2 channel design also has built in footswitchable reverb and a series effects loop. This gives you the option to set this up as a clean amp on its own or with your own pedals and choose between those on the fly.

Valve Build

Blackstar are big fans of valve amps just like pretty much most guitarists. It is what gives the amp its character, its warmth and its desirable tone. So even though this amp is designed to be a canvas for your pedals to paint on they still wanted it to sound great out of the box.

To make sure this is the case the preamp is loaded with 2x ECC83 preamp valves as well as 2x 6L6 valves in the power amp section. These all help drive the built in Celestion V-Type speaker perfectly for the tone you may have in your head.

Blackstar Artist 15 Combo Specifications: 

  • 2 Channels
  • 1x12 Celestion V-Type
  • 2 x 6L6 valves
  • 2 x ECC83
  • Patented ISF
  • Reverb
  • Series effects loop
  • Footswitchable channels
  • Boutique styling
  • Black covering
  • Black paper fret with silver thread
  • Black chicken head knobs
  • Artisan style pane

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