Freshman UKASH-T8 8-String Tenor Electro-Ukulele

Eight strings of excellence. With a Freshman UKASHT8 Tenor 8-String Electro Ukulele in your hands, your music will soar. With each pair of strings tuned an octave apart, you'll get that beautiful, bright, ethereal tone from each note you play, so you can experiment with a wealth of new sounds.

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Product Description


Freshman UKASH-T8 8-String Tenor Electro-Ukulele

The eight string effect

Unlike anything you've heard before. With eight strings, this ukulele has tonnes of character. Each fret or chord you play will ring out with that beautiful vibrance similar to a 12-string guitar. As opposed to ukuleles which have just four strings, the notes on this instrument ring out emphatically, with a voice which covers multiple octaves when you strum chords. As such, it has a resounding brightness which will stay in your head for days.

Dreamy ash

Filled with character. The ash used for the UKASHT8's body is of a stunning quality. It resonates with a scintillating sweetness, emphasising the midrange of each note you play. Your music will stand out, with a powerful voice and one very well rounded tone. Whether plucking the low strings or higher strings, the ash body will draw out a rich resonance from each note which you play. You'll love it.

Walnut wonders

Release your creativity. Coming with a walnut fretboard, you'll find fretting to be a breeze. The smooth wood gives your fingers all the leeway they need to slide along effortlessly, so you'll be able to play your style, your way. It also offers a bright resonance, which sharpens your notes and gives them the edge they need to cut through. There's also an okoume neck extending from the body, which has a smoothness which allows you to fly down fret positions with ease. Combined, these make for the perfect playing experience.

Amp it up

It sounds luscious loud. With a quality preamp and pickup within, this ukulele has immense capabilities. You'll be able to transfer all the natural, quality tone straight to an amplifier, so you can play your music to the world. It has a built-in EQ control panel, so you can shape your sound with total ease. A handy tuner also means that you'll never have to take another tuner to gigs again. With this you'll be able to take your eight string sound straight to the stage.

Flawless features

It holds up everywhere. Whether you take this ukulele to the beach or your bedroom, it will always deliver a solid performance. Its bone nut provides a beautifully clear resonance, whilst keeping each string stable. Geared tuners also hold your tuning steady, whilst making it easy to replace the strings when you need. Coming with a fresh gig bag and a tidal wave of deep tonal goodness, the UKASHT8 is the next step in your ukulele adventure.

Freshman UKASH-T8 8-String Tenor Electro-Ukulele Specifications:


  • Model Name: Freshman UKASHT8 Tenor 8-String Electro Ukulele, Ash
  • Top/Sides and Back: Ash

Neck and Fingerboard

  • Fingerboard: Walnut
  • Neck:Okoume

Hardware and Electronics

  • Nut/Saddle: Bone
  • Machine heads: Geared with Black Buttons


  • Strings: Aquila

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Additional Information

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