Gibson 2016 Explorer HP - Cherry

The Gibson USA 2016 Explorer HP (High Performance) is the ultimate rock machine for the modern player. The classic-radical styling of the Gibson Explorer is present and correct, but Gibson have added a number of features that make this an even more reliable and convenient workhorse.

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Gibson 2016 Explorer HP - Cherry 

The Gibson 2016 Explorer is back again in the USA lineup in full hard rocking glory! Originally launched in 1958 this guitar was as polarizing as it is today with its oversized body and tight angles this is not the kind of thing you will see at the next blues jam. However for the world of rock and metal it has become a go to guitar for those who want Gibson quality on a guitar with a ton of attitude.

Gibson have made the Explorer out of a few different materials over the years but the main one that stuck was a big chunk of Mahogany.  By using this wood for the body and neck of this guitar you get a guitar that sounds incredibly full with a very tight midrange making it perfect for hard rock and metal styles or any style where you are going to be using a high gain amp.

The neck is one of the more interesting parts of the guitar as it is not just a set 50's or 60's style. No the Gibson Explorer instead uses a unique hybrid that mixes the powerful feel of a late 50's Les Paul with the playability of a slim taper 60's profile. So no matter if you are looking for a guitar that is great for strong rhythm guitar sections with massive chords or a shred machine that will have amazing access all the way up to the 22nd fret.

Since this guitar is so popular with the metal crowd the stock pickups out of the box are very hot and clear even under a load of gain. Fitted out of the factory you have the 496R and 500T pickups which both have a more modern voicing thanks to a ceramic magnet that helps you get the best high gain tone possible.

G-Force is an incredibly interesting technology that simply wants to save you time. We have all played gigs where your guitar goes out of tune halfway through. Just like we have all played gigs where we need to quickly change between tunings.

Gibson's G-Force system makes those previous tasks a second thought. Just set it up with the tunings you want. Select what you want using the unit on the back of the headstock and you are in tune within seconds.

And don't worry just because it has the ability to tune itself does not mean that you can't tune manually. The machine heads are actually very accurate 40:1 ratio tuners so you can get pitch perfect in no time at all.

The 2015 version of the Zero Fret Nut was made out of brass. Unfortunately that meant is was very soft for a nut and could be damaged from heavier gauge strings. To make sure this does not happen again Gibson have changed the brass for much stronger Titanium.

If you don't know what the Zero Fret Nut is let me fill you in. It is a Gibson USA exclusive nut that has two main benefits over a standard nut. Firstly you can adjust the action at the nut very easily now making setting up quick and easy no matter how high or low you like your action.

Secondly this nut has essentially a fret at the end of it (hence the name, Zero Fret). By having a fret in the zero position your strings in open positions ring out like fretted notes. This sounds amazing with open chords as you get a much more even tone across all of your strings.

Gibson 2016 Explorer HP - Cherry  Specifcations:

  • Fast Acess heel
  • Adjustable titanium zero fret nut
  • New soloist's neck width
  • Improved G-Force tuners
  • Smooth silent-action toggle switch
  • New gold plated multi-contact jack
  • Dip switch for over 150 rewiring options
  • Higher grade wood selection
  • Genuine Mother of Pearl inlays
  • Fortified aluminum case

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