Jim Dunlop Hendrix 69 Psych Series Fuzz Face Mini Pedal




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This pedal combines the two different flavors of Fuzz Face Distortion tones-aggressive silicon-based crunch and smooth germanium-based saturation-that Jimi Hendrix used throughout his career, all in a mini MXR housing modern appointments such as a status LED, true-bypass switching, and a 9-volt power jack. Emblazoned with the trippy, kaleidoscopic designs of award-winning UK-based designer ILOVEDUST. It would be fair to say Jimi was one of the pioneer's of the fuzz sound, using this fuzz sound to add texture's and even attitudes to his tone which were previously unheard of.


Jim Dunlop Hendrix 69 Psych Series Fuzz Face Mini Pedal

Sought-after sonic character

Germanium, or silicon? With this ’69 Psych Fuzz Face you have the option to switch between two distinctive sonic characters. Germanium allows you to play with a rich, vintage warmth. It’s organic and superbly rounded. While silicon brings a much harsher sound with more gain, edge, and plenty of bite. So, if you love the iconic tones of Purple Haze, The Wind Cries Mary, Foxey Lady, and Voodoo Child – you’ll certainly love this Authentic ’69 Fuzz Face.

It's time to experience the spine-tingling blend of two classic sonic flavours. Play aggressive silicon-based crunch to smooth, germanium-based saturation. Bringing you the famed character of fuzz face combined with desirable distortion. Plus, with all this delicious sonic flavour, you have a huge part of Hendrix's sound that he used throughout his entire career. This is sound that drove generations of musicians. And, one that's certainly timeless. Trippy, authentic, classic.

Mini MXR - modern and compact

Don't be bound by tradition. Get creative with Dunlop. You know this pedal oozes a truly distinctive tone. You know it has a unique, head-turning, psychedelic aesthetic. And, thanks to modern details such as status LED, mini MXR housing, and true bypass switching. You know you have a durable, reliable pedal with an utterly distinct vibe. This Authentic Hendrix '69 also works seamlessly with other pedals thanks to its input buffer and true bypass switching. Keeping the signal clear, and just how you like it, while your tone stays superbly smooth. Plus, it's compact enough to fit on your pedal board too thanks to mini MXR housing. Renowned Dunlop quality - you won't be disappointed.

ILOVEDUST - captivating and kaleidoscopic

Stand out from the crowd. Dunlop have once again collaborated with legends at ILOVEDUST. First founded in 2003, ILOVEDUST is a UK-based design crue with a strong team of 34 creative minds. They have partnered with some of the world's biggest, and instantly recognisable brands to create something refreshing, cool, and incredibly innovative.

Their hard work, and unique approach to illustration leaves ILOVEDUST with an award winning reputation. And, this graphic is no exception. Bringing you a spellbinding aesthetic that's truly worthy of an award. Alluring, trippy, and everything Hendrix. This Psych Fuzz Face Mini is graced with a truly captivating piece of art. It's kaleidoscopic, and you'll certainly stand out in any venue. Completely unique, and perfect for true Hendrix fans.

Jim Dunlop Hendrix 69 Psych Series Fuzz Face Mini Pedal Speciafications:

  • LED: Yes
  • Housing: Mini MXR
  • True Bypass Switching: Yes
  • Power: 9 Volt Power Jack
  • Design: UK Based Award Winning ILOVEDUST Creation
  • Controls:
    • Volume
    • Fuzz