Martin D28 Re-imagined Acoustic Guitar

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The finest features of the original D28 have been extracted and transferred to the all new D28 Re-Imagined. The Martin D28 Re-Imagined combines rich history of the D28 and Martin's most modern innovations.



Martin D28 Re-imagined Acoustic Guitar

The Martin D28 Re-Imagined 2017 is the new and updated version of the classic D28, offering players an authentic appearance blended with a new neck profile for a modern and easy-to-play feel. The finest features of the original D28 have been extracted and transferred to the all new D28 Re-Imagined. The Martin D28 Re-Imagined combines rich history of the D28 and Martin's most modern innovations. With a sitka spruce and east Indian rosewood construction, the D28 Re-Imagined delivers a versatile and crisp tone blended with a resonant deep warm bass. Its full bodied sound is ideal for numerous genres and styles of play whilst its dreadnought body offers superb volume and projection. With vintage appointments including an aged toner top, open gear tuners, antique white binding and faux tortoise pickguard, the Martin D28 Re-Imagined 2017 offers an authentic, vintage-inspired appearance and a rich, high-quality sound that's based on the legendary D28.

Dreadnought Body

The Martin D28 Re-Imagined features a curvaceous dreadnought body shape, offering an enormous voice whilst maintaining overall tonal balance. The dreadnought was originally designed for a hard pick attack. However through years of superb craftsmanship and dedication, Martin have created a stunningly toned, well-balanced dreadnought voice that accommodates numerous genres and playing techniques with equal ease. The Martin dreadnought shape is most well known for its incredible bass response and spectacular volume projection which is ideal for those who love to play acoustically.

Premium Sitka Spruce & East Indian Rosewood Construction

The Martin D28 Re-Imagined features a solid sitka spruce top that yields crisp articulation and offers a versatile tonal character that can accommodate numerous genres with ease. Its stunning sitka spruce top will also delivers a wide, dynamic tonal palette, as well as an un-muddied sound which retains its clarity when you strum hard. The brightly toned sitka spruce top is accompanied by east Indian rosewood back and sides, offering a resonant sound with a deep, warm, bass. Rosewood also delivers sparkling highs, swelling overtones, and adds depth to the overall sound. Aesthetically, the rosewood back and sides feature a stunning grain pattern that complements the contrasting sitka spruce top.

Martin's Aged Toner Process

The Martin D28 Re-Imagined 2017 offers both a vintage sound and appearance, and features Martin's aged toner laid over its sitka spruce top. Martin continue their dedication to the historical musical legacy they hold with their new Aged process, which replicates the appearance of a vintage guitar. Taking time and dedication, Martin managed to create a stunning look that is worn and aged perfectly as if it was an older guitar.

Forward Shifted X Bracing - Non Scalloped

With forward shifted, non scalloped X-bracing made from sitka spruce, the D28 Re-Imagined is strong, stable, and secure. Bracing reinforces your guitar's structure, stops it from collapsing under string tension, and shapes their overall sound. The bracing shape allows greater vibration of the guitar top and offers superb projection and volume.

Select Hardwood Neck & Ebony Fingerboard

The select hardwood neck is topped with an ebony fingerboard that offers a bright attack, great sustain, and excellent durability. Its select hardwood neck is sleek, modern, and features a high performance taper, providing players with comfort and superb playability. The D28 Re-Imagined also features a low oval profile neck which provides a modern feel and a comfortable playing experience. Its smooth playing neck has a satin finish and its ebony fingerboard has been treated with Martin's Plek Pro machine for enhanced playability.

Real Bone Nut

The D28 Re-Imagined 2017 features a real bone nut that offers excellent resonance and sustain, along with an authentic appearance. A bone nut also delivers a well-balanced tone, as well as being durable. In addition, this type of nut naturally self lubricates which helps to stay in tune for longer periods of time.

Authentic Appearance

The Martin D28 Re-Imagined offers a vintage-inspired, authentic appearance that is commonly seen on pre-war era guitars. The top features Martin's Aged process to provide a truly worn and distressed look. Combined with vintage appointments including open gear tuners, antique white binding and end piece, as well as a faux tortoise pickguard, the D28 Re-Imagined has a stunningly distinctive, and high-quality design to match its superb sound.

Plek Pro - Martin Playability Enhanced

For 183 years, Martin have been at the forefront of guitar innovation and premium craftsmanship, bringing consumers some of the best acoustic guitars possible. The iconic M