Seymour Duncan SA-1 Acoustic Tube - Black



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Acoustic soundhole pickup that delivers a clear, crisp acoustic sound with slightly scooped mids, and features an onboard easy-access volume control.


Seymour Duncan SA-1 Acoustic Tube - Black

 You cant go wrong with a classic. The Acoustic Tube SA1 offers excellent acoustic response that brings out all the nuances of your performances, and also gives you more control with a builtin, easyaccess volume knob.

The Acoustic Tube SA-1 is a passive, hum-cancelling stack with flexible mounts that simply pop into the soundhole of your guitar. Its built-in volume knob is easy to access, which puts instant control of your signal level right at your fingertips. It provides crisp high-end detail, and a backed off midrange that gives it a smooth overall response. Great for all standard types of steel string acoustic guitars.

The Acoustic Tube fits soundholes with a diameter between 3.85 and 4.10. It is very feedback resistant, and includes a short cable with a female 14″ output jack that you can connect to your favorite amp, PA, direct box, or console with a standard guitar cable.

If you already have a jack installed in your guitar, you can solder this to your current jack. But if your guitar is currently totally acoustic, and you want to keep it that way, then you simply drap the cable on the outside of your guitar, looping it over the existing end pin, then plugging any standard guitar cable into the output jacket provided.