Way Huge Conquistador Fuzzstortion Pedal




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The Way Huge Conquistador Fuzzstortion Aggressive Gated Fuzz Pedal is a fuzz/distortion guitar effects pedal.

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Way Huge Conquistador Fuzzstortion Pedal

The Way Huge Conquistador Fuzzstortion pedal delivers an aggressive gated fuzz, perfect for metal and rock guitarists. Players can easily achieve the perfect sound with the simple three-knob layout with control options for Volume, Tone and Fuzz. Housed in a metal chassis with top-mounted jacks, the Conquistador Fuzzstortion fits perfectly on most pedalboards.

The Ulimate Fuzz

This aggressive fuzz pedal is fully packed with versatile fuzz tones, and ideal for metal and rock guitarists. Featuring a basic user interface, players can easily tweak their sound at the turn of a dial.

Simple Design

As well as offering a superb choice of fuzz tones, the Conquistador Fuzzstortion features a durable metal chassis protecting the internal components against moisture, and wear and tear. Its compact design also features jacks at the top which maximises space on a pedalboard, allowing players to fit more pedals alongside each other. Its simple four-knob design offers a user-friendly operation, and is the perfect choice for beginners. Each control knob features rugged edges, which allows you to control it with your foot in live situations.

Way Huge Conquistador Fuzzstortion Pedal Specifications:

  • Aggressive gated fuzz
  • Simple control interface
  • True bypass