Blackstar Debut 15e 15W Combo




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Ready for your debut? Or maybe you're just playing your first chords. Either way, the Blackstar Debut 15E 2x3" Mini Amp is your ultimate amplification solution. 

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Blackstar Debut 15e 15W Combo

2-Channel Design

Most compact practice amps only offer a dry clean sound, but the Blackstar Debut 10E allows you to attain crunchy overdrive tones via its second channel. Simply press the 'OD' switch on the control panel and enjoy a stunning saturated sound that can be tweaked via the effective 'ISF' EQ control and a separate 'Tone' knob.

Built-In Tape Delay Effect

If you want to add some space, engage the 'DELAY' button to embellish your sound with an old-school 'Tape' echo effect. This is perfect for thickening up solos or giving clean parts some dreamy ambient trails.

MP3/Line In

The Blackstar Debut 10E's 'MP3/Line In' source allows for playback through its stereo linear speakers, making it perfect for listening to music, games and movies through. However, the biggest benefit of this is that it allows you to play along to backing tracks from a connected phone, tablet or laptop!

Speaker-Emulated Output

A speaker-emulated output places the Blackstar Debut 10E above most other practice amps on the market - especially within it's super-affordable price bracket. Allowing you to record directly into an audio interface with a convincing mic'd speaker sound, you can also plug your headphones into this output for an immersive amp tone.

Blackstar Debut 15e 15W Combo Specifications:
  • 15 Watts
  • Clean and Overdrive channels
  • Patented ISF control
  • Tape Echo effect
  • Speaker-Emulated output
  • MP3 / Line In
  • 2x3" Speakers