Vox VX-1 15w Guitar Amp

The VX I from VOX takes modeling amps to the next level. The all-new VET (Virtual Element Technology) modeling circuits at work in the VX I and VX II offer guitarists the best of both digital and analog amplifier design, as it accurately revives a myriad of classic amplifiers.

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Vox VX-1 15w Guitar Amp

Vox have made some of the most popular digital practice amps for some time but now they are about to get even better. With the aim of making an amplifier that is stronger, lighter and higher quality all without taking out of the price range of a bedroom musician they have made this range of VX amplifiers. The VX-1 is the smallest of this new line of guitar amps with 15 watts of power running 11 amp models this is the ultimate practice amp at home.

VET Technology For Better Simulation

For years Vox have made great modeling amplifiers but there have always been ways they could improve. While the sound was pretty much there they missed out on how the amp responded to certain moves of the controls and your guitar. Now with Virtual Element Technology, Vox can now emulate not only the sound but the circuitry and the response inside the amplifier so you can get a feel for how the real thing responds.

They have even gone as far as to create individual tone stack circuits within the DSP of this amplifier that give you the real EQ curve of the amp you are emulating. This means that you get a more realistic sound from the start and you get feel that when you increase one value of the EQ you are lowering the value of another.

New Power Amplifier

A lot of amplifiers have variable power now. Thanks to more people wanting to play at home a lot of amplifiers can have their power amp turned down so you get the same great sound but at a much lower volume. This has made its way over to the VX1 as well with a new FET-based power amp that reproduces the characteristics of a real tube amplifier without all the maintenance.

11 Amplifier Models

Not everyone wants to play the same styles. While others will love the clean channels of classic Vox others may want a crushing high gain sound from a classic British stack. With 11 models built in this amplifier can cover pretty much any style you could possibly want from blues to jazz, rock, metal and beyond great tones are always available with this amp.

Revolutionary ABS Casing

Guitar amplifiers have been traditionally made of wood which is structurally strong but also very heavy. While the speaker baffle is still made of wood to make sure that it doesn't move too much the actual casing has been made out of incredibly strong ABS. This material is much stronger at thinner sizes meaning this amp can weigh in at just 8Ibs or 3.75kg.

Vox VX-1 15w Guitar Amp Specifications:

  • Modulation effects (4 types): CHORUS, FLANGER, ORG PHASE, TWIN TREM
  • Delay/reverb effects (4 types): A.DELAY, TAPE ECHO, SPRING, HALL
  • Power Amplifier Output: VX I: 15W RMS @4 ohms / Speaker 6.5"
  • Signal Processing: A/D & D/A conversion: 24-bit
  • Sampling Frequency: 44.1 kHz: Weight3.8 kg / 8.38 lbs.

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